Rules for Pacing

Plot based Pacing: All “Daily” powers are now “Inspired” powers. Inspired powers do not recharge from an extended rest. Instead, they recharge from progression through heroic tasks.

The extended rest rules are changed. Extended rests are now like short rests, with the addition that you regain some healing surges during the rest. Make an Endurance check with a bonus equal to your max healing surges, and divide by 10 (rounding down). You regain that many healing surges during each extended rest, or you can spend those healing surges during the extended rest to regain HP (this is useful if you are going over your max, but have damage). Action points are not reset by extended rests.

Milestone rules change. The party should get a milestone every 2 encounters or so. A single hard encounter might justify a milestone both before, and after, the encounter. Progress towards your next milestone is not reset by an extended rest.

At each milestone, roll 1d6 for each expended “inspired” power. On a 456, the power recharges. In addition, you regain one half, rounded down, of your max healing surges. All encounter powers are also recharged by a milestone without a short rest.

Milestones may also occur during combat. In addition to the standard effects of a milestone (action point, encounter and inspired power refresh, healing surges), each player may spend a healing surge as a free action (if conscious).

Rules for Pacing

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